We are proud to show you the article that came out today in "La Repubblica" which tells a little about what we have been doing with passion for years!

Below is the complete article:

Try selling a cashmere sweater for 10 thousand euros. Franco Fredducci, the owner of “Il Borgo Cashmere” of Borgo San Lorenzo, does it regularly. The last one he sold to a size 62 lady, belonging to an Arab royal family. But these are not things that happen randomly.

“The company was opened in 1949 by a woman, my wife's mother and today it has over 50 people, 24 employees in the company and around thirty home workers, to whom we pay contributions” says Fredducci.

Who at 53, despite the title of "king of cashmere of Borgo San Lorenzo", is now trying to conquer Florence. Opening the first store in via Tosinghi in September: “It's our first point of sale. We certainly don't intend to challenge Gucci or Hermès but it will be a living shop, a shop-laboratory where not only it sells but it produces. Because it is the transformation that makes the garment unique,” ​​says Fredducci.

How do you get to the podium? “With a lot of research and creativity. In terms of materials and packaging, an artisan product, handmade and tailor-made, capable of seducing even a 20-year-old girl", claims the king of Mugello cashmere. “You can't get there through advertising, ours was a door-to-door job, done by word of mouth. This is how we won over Arab and American customers” he adds. With highly professionalized team work. “That cashmere sweater had a mink coat and handmade leather stitching. Something like 30-40 hours of work. The result of the group that is 90% made up of women that we have assembled” says the owner of Borgo Cashmere.

“The workers are our true wealth. In the end, our choice not to leave Italy for Eastern Europe in the 900s, as so many did, paid off. Because the first need of an artisan company is training” says Franco Fredducci. That in September, immediately after the summer break, with his company he will hold a XNUMX-hour course recognized by the Region "Time is against us, we have to train quickly. But if we do this, our future can only be bright, because we can create unique products that no one else makes on the market."

“Borgo Cashmere” is not just cashmere however “We also produce garments and many things for children, including doubled blankets for babies”. Maybe business class socks on a major airline. However, it also crosses over into furnishings, given that interior furniture and lamps have been created. Obviously not for all budgets... They are refined and excellent products which, however unwelcome and not very politically correct they may appear, increasingly have a good market.

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